logoArtOverflow, the future of drawing for macOS

ArtOverflow is a macOS app made by people who love your digital art. We want to allow you to produce more, better and faster. So we're creating the best app we can. Just for you.

Have you ever dreamt of getting Procreate®[1] with the power of a Mac, the simplicity of PaintTool SAI®[1] on macOS, or the rich features of Clip Studio Paint®[1] with a nicer user experience? We too.

Here are our goals:

  • Priced for independent artists. Because your work is already hard enough. Choose between a very low monthly subscription, or a one time license. And when we say once we mean like… with all updates included, forever. You're beginning as an artist? Use ArtOverflow for free[2].
  • Fast, like blazing fast. ArtOverflow uses every bits of your GPU, so you get perfectly smooth drawing experience for a 4,000×4,000 pixels canvas, even on the slowest Macs[3]. Have a better Mac? Go up to 14,000×14,000 pixels canvas[4], that's it.
  • Convenient. All brush settings are always only a single touch away. Have a free hand? Zoom, scroll and rotate with gestures on your tablet or trackpad[5]. And you won't draw by mistake, because ArtOverflow is smart enough to make the difference between a finger and a pen.
  • Powerful. Get on track with ArtOverflow's full-fledged customizable brush engine. Apply transformations, filters, color adjustments. You were using other apps to finish your art? You don't anymore.
  • Community-based. Need more ready-to-use brushes? Just download them from the integrated online library, for free. And if you want to give back to the community, publish your own resources!

ArtOverflow is currently being developed and is planned for initial public release toward mid 2020. Some of the features described above may be available in later minor updates.

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